About Traces Online Store

Welcome to the Traces online store, home of our official merchandise and digital products.

Our mission is to make the highest quality products with what is available to us. Everything from the fabrics used, to the packaging is thought out and designed to our specifications to give you the best that we possibly can. The majority of our products will be limited and some even made to order to ensure everything we do has the same care, time and attention put into it as our music alongside making each purchase a more meaningful experience.

We do this becausewe believe

1. You as a supporter deserve nothing short ofthe best after spending your money and ultimately your time on us.

2. Merch can be an experience akin to art or music.It’s a chance to share a moment, emotion, thought and ultimately connect with one another.

3. Less is more. Merch is one of the best ways to support an artist. We know all to well that having alot of tees that fall apart in a year or two or some that never get worn can be a waste. Higher quality and limited quantity makes merch more meaningful and more sustainable.

Because of this our prices may exceed what is normal for band merch on some items. For us premium quality and a unique experience is the cornerstone of this venture and it’s important that we don’t compromise that vision wherever possible.

With that in mind it’s important to note, while you may see some similar designs on other stores.They are not the same garments, they exist in order for us to still retain a more affordable option for anyone who needs it. Alongside those more affordable designs we will be keeping our standard music products such as CDs and Vinyl as close to standard price in order to not alienate anyone.

Thank you for the support. It means the world to us,

Jack,Isaiah, Ryan.