Traces™ Crown of Thorns Trading Card
Edition. Limited
Type. Collectable
Format. Card
Limited to 50
The first in the TRCS LTD Series. A series of limited edition merchandise from us as an attempt to make band merch a more interesting experience. To celebrate the release of the single Crown of Thorns we've turned to our love of trading cards and released our own set of holographic collectible cards featuring the artwork from Crown of Thorns.

Trading Card
TRCS-LTD-01 includeds 1 of 50 Holographic Crown of Thorns Trading Cards
- Crown of Thorns Artwork on one side
- Information and QR Link to digital experience on the other side
- Double sleeved in KCM perfect fit and Ultra Pro Clear sleeves to keep the card viewable and in mint condition
- Housed in a clear Top Loader for maximum protection

Digital Experience
The Trading card will feature a QR Code that you can scan that takes you to a private webpage for your eyes only. Don't show anyone this code.
The webpage includes the following
- Digital Certificate/Proof of Ownership
- Digital Artwork
- WAV of Crown of Thorns Download
- HD Art and Wallpaper Downloads
- Exclusive Content (Videos, Music and more)
- Invite to a private online listening party to hear our next single before it comes out

Pay what you wish
For this first release we've decided to make the price pay what you wish so that it is available to everyone while giving others the option to donate if they wish. Select the price you want to pay from the dropdown menu before purchasing.

Size Guide

If you pre ordered another product we will ship this seperatly to the rest of your order.
Due to the nature of this item we do not offer refunds after purchase.


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