Traces™ Red Album Collectors Box Set
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Type. Music/Album
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Traces debut album Red is a deep dive into the dark side of our connections between one another. Self recorded and self produced Traces have finally found the sound they have been searching for for the past few years. Red explores toxic connections, abusive relationships and the lengths people are willing to go to in order to survive them. All to a soundtrack of heavy and hostile guitar work, hauntingly erratic vocals and cyberpunk elctronics that mirrors the darkness, depravity and anxiety of the album's lyrica. Red is pure, fearless expression of trauma and a warcry to the survivors of it.

Traces - RED collectors edition is a one of a kind experience of Traces debut album. Limited to 10, each copy takes a deep dive into one of the songs from the album and includes an exclusive vinyl, art prints, content and experiences that will not be available ever again.
Each box set is put together by the band themselves, personalised for you. The collectors edition is the ultimate way to experience Traces album.


Limited Edition Vinyl
1/50 limited edition Red Splatter vinyls. These are scarecly available.

Limited Edition CD
1/10 CDs featuring an alternative artwork for RED and stylized lyric booklet.

7" Vinyl Single
A unique one of a kind vinyl featuring one of the ten songs from the album and an instrumental on the B side. Each vinyl has unique artwork exclusive to that song.

Digital Download Card
A download card giving you a digital download to the WAV versions of the album

RED - Behind the Album Book
The book is a full colour, hardcover book that serves as a companion guide to the album. The book features stylised lyrics, notes looking into the meaning behind the songs and the stories that inspired them. Alongside a showcase of the art, design and visual elements of the album.

Handwritten Lyrics
One of a kind handwritten lyrics of one of the ten songs from the album. Handwritten with a personalised message to you by Jack.

2x Art Prints
Art prints of the Album Artwork and one of the ten songs from the album

Trading Card + Exclusive Content
Holographic Trading Card with a link to an exclusive webpage that has a digital certificate of ownership alongside exclusive content and downloads.

Signed Collectors Box
Collectors box signed by the band.

Listening Party Invite
An invite to both the physical and online listening party for the album with the band.


1. Traces
2. Ghost in the Shell
3. Paradise
4. Soul Killer
5. Dark
6. Suicide
7. Firewall
8. The Sun will never rise if you don't open your eyes
9. Crown of Thorns
10. Red Flags

Size Guide

Each box set is made to order and a maximum of 10 will be made. Once these sell out we will not be making any more. The following items might be available outside of the box set in the future depending on demand. Splatter Vinyl, Book, Art Prints.
Because of the nature of this item we cannot offer refunds on this, each box is made to order specifically for whoever purchases it.

What song/version of the box set you recieve is determined by the order of purchase (not in tracklist order, the tracks are randomized to keep things fair).

If you are ordering this as a gift, to make sure we address it to the right person please send us an email of who to address it to.

Pre Order
- This is a pre-order item, the release date for the album is TBA(will be in the second half of the year, aiming for July/August).
- We have the intention to ship these so they arrive on the release date (once announced), due to Covid19 related shipping delays and production delays products may arrive later than anticipated. Youwill be contacted via email if any delays are expected.
- Any items ordered alongside this item will not be sent until all pre order items are ready to ship. If you would like your other items tobe sent before this pre order is released we recommend making two separate orders or if you are from Tamworth get in contact with us to organise pick up.

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